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New future for casting production
New future for casting production
Environmental measures and safety measures
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Environmental measures and safety measures
Environmental Measures
- Heat exchanger-equipped hot blast plant to deal with energy saving by
 reducing CO2, waste heat and gas.
- Water treatment plant to deal with non-pollution.
- Cupola cooling system with waste water re-circulation.
- Electric power supply system to deal with electricity saving .
- Eco Wing, an industrial waste treatment plant, to deal with the zero emission.
Let's aim at creating a workplace in which you can work with peace of mind!
Safety Measures
Carrying out safety education and building up the safety awareness
- Safety education based on the manuals.
- Safety Manifesto and Finger-Pointing and Calling.
- Monthly Safety Prayer Assembly.
- Safety and Health Committee and Safety Patrol.
- Safety Slogan Creation for the National Safety Week.
- 6S-rally Actirity.

Developing company-wide risk assessment
- Danger/Hazard Assessment.
- Safety and Health Goal Orientation.
- Safety and Health Plan.
- Emergency Measure Protocols.
- Daily Check-ups and Kaizen.
- KYT(Hazard Prediction Training) and Labor Disaster Assessment.
As a member company of Japan Foundry Society's Safety Environment Committee, our company plays an important role in the activities ranging from preparing risk assessment data of the entire industry to training of consultants.
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