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First IP telephony in Japan
PHS is used to communicate with our plants.
PHS is used to communicate with our plants.
As the manufacturer of our PBX system that we had been using until April 2005 informed us that they would stop the production and maintenance service for the PBX system, we decided to review our telephone system. We experienced many inconveniences; sometimes, the public address system was impaired due to internal noise interlocking with the previous PBX resulting in miscommunications with or forcing our customers to wait for a long time.
We, therefore, thought, a wireless telephony could notify the recipient by the receiving vibrator and if outside the plant, there may be no problem in clear communications.
Furthermore, as it was scheduled that Ohira Plant would be completed near the Seki Plant in November 2005, we decided to connect the two plants through a single telephone network using NTT West Japan's B-Flet's.
At that time, N900iL with dual terminals for FOMA and wireless LAN was concurrently attracting tremendous interest and we heard NEC Infrontier Ltd. released its new Aspire, we decided to adopt the Aspire system.
Effects of IP telephony
1. Expansion of the area where the employees can listen to internal broadcasting
2. It can alert any individual recipient by vibration.
3. Any customer's call can be connected through the internal system even if it is an outside call.
4. FOMA and PHS may be used properly to enhance daily work efficiency.
5. Seki Plant and Ohira Plant can be connected through a single telephone network.
6. Introduction of Aspire has resulted in collaboration with PC, etc. and a paperless environment in the offices.
Outline of introduced system
Aspire has already made some achievements
in daily work efficiency.
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