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Corporate information
Corporate information
Greetings from the President
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Three Crowns of Environmental Stewardship
Trends of the 21st Century
Trends of the 21st Century
What Makes Us Unique
Social Contribution Through Casting Production

Social contribution through casting production
Spiritual Honing
Spirit of Spiritual Honing
  1. Aim at and achieve No. 1.
  2. Be kind to others.
  3. Appreciate thankfulness and mutual assistance.
  4. Stick to truth and fairness.
Our Basic Philosophy
  1. Play three roles per person. Even a manager should be a multi-skilled worker.
  2. Commence your action five minutes before the schedule.
  3. Be kind and work in earnest.
  4. No reworks or find the root cause.
  5. Spare no pains even in trifle matters.
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