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Effects (Completion of Dream Sand)
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Effects (completion of dream-like sand)
Effects of Green Bond on mold sand: Adding Green Bond to green sand will allow you to lower the moisture, gain surface stability and enhance mold fillability. In addition, due to the remarkable water-retentivity of Green Bond starch, it protects green sand from drying and also enhances the "maturity level" of returned sand. Our Green Bond users praise its significant cost reduction effects. Matsubara Industry Co., Ltd. is ready to provide you with Green Bond and its technological know-how.
Dream sand is completed.
Touch it!
Please touch the sand with Green Bond.
It's surprisingly dry and smooth.
Grip it
Please grip it and you can see how compact the sand can get.
Green Bond can increase the warm strength of the mold, which may lead to the prevention of mold swell, crack and/or breakage.
Push the mold with your thumb.
It will show relatively uniform hardness regardless of the surface   geometry.
You will also feel a higher degree of cushioning characteristics.
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