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Excellent (Only One) technology
Excellent (Only One) technology
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Green Bond
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Matsubara Industry's Product Line-ups
 Green Bond 
High quality alphanized starch made in USA is used.
High moisture retention characteristics and surface stability.
Specifically effective agent for blow type molding machines.

 Wedron Silica Sand 
Round-particle silica sand made in USA.
Most suitable for aluminum cold boxes.
It decreases a resin additive amount and achieves high molding performance.
Sales record: 8,000 ton/year

 Uintahite (Gilsonite) 
It enhances mold fillability and achieves excellent pattern release capability and low moisture casting sand.
Delivery available either in paper bags or bulk bags.

Inoculant for cupper alloys.
Enhances molten metal fluidity and optimizes micro-structure.

 Iron oxide 
High quality iron oxide made in USA (Fe203).
Black iron oxide (Fe304).

Matsubara Industry owns exclusive distributorships agreed with foreign suppliers (mainly in USA) for various casting-related products. We also welcome your request of sand testing at our laboratory - a full report including silica program will be provided in two weeks.
Corn for Green Bond
Corn produced in Ohio in the ,USA
Wedron silica sand
Wedron Silica Sand
System sand diagnosis
System sand diagnosis
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