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Excellent (Only One) technology
Excellent (Only One) technology
Astounding machinability
Highly-Machinable Castings
Past Record of Cutting Tool Service life
Secrets for Cutting Performance
Green Bond
Green Bond
Merits in Sand Development
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Astounding machinability
Highly-Machinable Castings
Superiority in our new casting method.
Superiority in our new casting method Superiority in our new casting method
We have worked on the development of machinability for the past five years and have produced significant achievements.
Here are some actual examples, and we would urge you to use our products for further confirmation.
  〔Comparison of the machinability between the old and the new method on air conditioning scrolls〕
Number of parts machined: Increased by 50%.
Tool service life: 1.7 times longer.
Machining time: Reduced by half.
Machining time: Reduced to less than half.
Advantages of astounding machinability.
- Enhanced productivity due to high-speed cutting.
- Reduction in cutting tool cost due to enhanced cutting tool service life.
- Extension of cutting tool cycle enabling a worker to handle multiple processes.
- Cost reduction by changing from wet to dry machining.
- Reduction in polishing process due to high-speed cutting.
Secrets that support machinability.
- Carefully selected good quality casting raw materials.
- High-temperature melting technology by cupola.
- Sand control system regulating moisture content around 3.20%.
- Enhanced casting surface due to effects of Green Bond.
- Pouring temperature control system and two-step inoculation effects.
- Secured cooling time from pouring to shake-out.
Data proven by AFS (USA)
刃具寿命2倍 加工量5倍
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