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Plants and Facilities
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Layout of Seki Plant
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Layout of Seki Plant
The Clean Foundry
Full view of Seki Plant/Main Office
Layout into which our unique know-how has been crystallized.
Layout into which our unique know-how has been crystallized
Main Facilities

1Cupolas (8 tons/hour)
  Hot blast and water cooled type
  2 units by Aoki Seikan Co., Ltd.

2Hot blast generator
  1 set by Naniwa Roki Co., Ltd.

3Cupola centralized control room
  1 set by Nippon Regulators Co., Ltd., etc.

4Chemical laboratory
  Optical emission spectrometer of 20 elements
  1 set by OBLF (Germany)
  Optical emission spectrometer of 19 elements
  1 set by SPECTRO (Germany)

5Cupola air blast dehumidifier system
  (1,555,600 kcal/hour)
  1 unit by Maekawa Seisakusho Co., Ltd.

6Material feeder with automatic cutout device
  1 set by Aoki Seikan Co., Ltd.

7Dust collectors
  10 units by Amano Corporation, Tokyu Co., Ltd.,
  Sintokogio, Ltd., Kawanishi Tekkou Co., Ltd. and
  Nippon Metal Co., Ltd.

8FRM automatic molding line
  1 unit by Naniwa Products Co., Ltd.

9AMF automatic molding line
  1 unit by Tokyu Co., Ltd.

10Material stock yard 2 units

11SM-60V molding lines (No.1 & No.2)
  2 units by Koyo, Ltd.

12SM50-SA line
  1 unit by Koyo, Ltd.

13Semi-automatic pouring machines
  2 units

14Sand mill (80 tons/hour)
  1 unit by Eirich (Germany)

15Central sand control system
  1 unit by Tokyu Co., Ltd. and Eirich (Germany)

16Vacuum-feeding bond hopper
  4 units by Tokyu Co., Ltd.

17Cooling drum
  1 unit by Kawanishi Tekkou Co., Ltd.

18Sand cooling drum
  1 unit by Kawanishi Tekkou Co., Ltd.

19Sand storages (45 tons/unit)
  (Storage capacity: 135 tons)
  3 units by Tokyu Co., Ltd., etc.

20Shot blasting
  3 units (1 ton/ batch) by Sintokogio, Ltd.
  1 unit (700kg/ batch)

21Inspection line
  4 units by Matsubara

22Deburring and finishing machinery
  4 units by Itoh Kikoh Co., Ltd.
  2 units of Barinder by Koyama Co., Ltd.

23ECO Wing
  (centralized vacuum system, etc.)
  1 unit by Harashin Industry Co.

24Water treatment plant
  1 unit by Sintokogio, Ltd.

25Rack building
  1 set by Murata Machinery, Ltd.

26Matsubara Industry System Sand
    Sand testing equipment by GF(Switzerland),
    Eirich (Germany), etc.

27 ・1F: Shipping/inspection site
   2F: Computer room
   3F: Pattern maintenance room

28 ・CAD room
   2D-CAD(Jissun Boshi) … 4 units
   3D-CAD(Solid Edge) … 1 unit

29 ・Pattern Repair Room

30Main office building and conference room

31Shipping yard, administration office,
  maintenance room, sand laboratory, 2F canteen

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