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Environmental flexibility and new future
【 Fundamental Philosophy 】
We try to exclude strain, redundancy and roughness from all fields of our work by addressing responsibilities and roots of problems.

  1. Our objective
    ・We establish and will continuously maintain the Environmental Management System in accordance with ISO 14001 in order to assess and environmental impact of the business activity and to prevent environmental pollutions.
  2. Conformity to ISO requirements and continuous improvement of validity of the Environmental Management System
    ・We comply with all the environmentally-related regulations and requirements to which our company has agreed. We maintain and control our production activities in accordance with ISO 9001 (Quality Management System) in order to support our customers in resource and energy savings.
  3. Setting and reviewing of Environmental Target
    ・To preserve the environment, we will tackle the followings as our top priority issues in order to reduce the quantities of natural resources to be used and to curb waste and prevent natural resource depletion:
    a.Seki Plant will attempt daily production output of 100 tons.
    b.Ohira Plant will attempt to lower electricity usage by 5% compared to the preceding term.
    c.We will try to exclude typical odors of foundry plants.
  4. Dissemination and familiarization of Environmental Policy
    ・We will educate all the employees about our environmental policies, keep all the stakeholders informed by posting the policies on bulletin boards, and attempt to improve the activities both qualitatively and quantitatively through environmental awareness promotion.
  5. Reviewing of Environmental Policy
    ・To achieve these environmental policies, we will set up and promote the environmental objectives and targets as specific measures on a company-wide basis. We will periodically review and amend the environmental objectives and targets as necessary.
  6. Announcement of environmental protection
    ・To prevent environmental pollutions and to use natural resources effectively, we will control industrial waste, reduce waste quantity, and recycle industrial waste. We will also protect blessed natural surroundings in the vicinity of our plants.
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