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Recruiting Information
Guideline for the 21st century
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Guideline for the 21st century
You may obtain as much happiness as you have made effort with honing spirit.

Kindness, hard work, earnestness, effort making, diligence, humbleness, manners, patience and hope for the bright future…

Aren't these essences the true colors of Japanese, which have fostered our technological and cultural abilities?

Upon the arrival of the 21st century, we have built a monument of a dove flying over the earth. The monument depicts our hope for the bright future which we realize by becoming the clear No.1 iron casting maker with such essences in mind.
Matsubara is featured in a school text book.
Backbone of economic high growth and international competitiveness
lie in small and medium enterprises.
Even in the IT information age, it is manufacturing that supports the Japanese economy. Without the small/medium-sized enterprises that account for 99.7%, Japan can not maintain its major economic power.
We firmly believe the vitalization of manufacturing by small/medium-sized enterprises is the only way to create the future and we would like to carry on casting production that supports Japan's fading casting industry.
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