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Matsubara Co., Ltd.
Corporate information Environmental flexibility and new future Product Information Introducing plants and facilities Quality and technological developments Recruiting Information (human resource development) New future for casting production  Excellent (Only One) technology
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Site Map

◆Corporate information
Message from the President
Starting point of our activities
Corporate profile
Corporate outline
Location and transport access
  Three environment-related crowning achievements
  Introduction of the first IP telephone systems in Japan
Trends in the 21st century
  Trends in the 21st century
  Features of Matsubara
  Contributing to the society through casting production
◆Environmental flexibility and new future
Environmental policies
Working environment
Natural environment
Global environment
◆Product Information
All-weather type products
Only-One product
Turning dreams into shape --- new materials
◆Plant and Facilities Information
Seki Plant
Seki Plant layout
  Modern technologies and latest plant
  Molding machines and production capacity
Only One Technology
Ohira Plant
  Ohira Plant layout
  Future-oriented machining plant
  Inspection and shipping lines
◆Quality and technical development
Super quality
High technology
Development of unique systems
◆Recruiting information
(Human resources development)
Guidelines for the 21st century
Human resources education to deal with the 21st century
Casting production is the true heart of Japan
Guidelines for applicants
Voices of senior personnel
◆Casting production and new future
Environmental measures and safety measures
appiness creation training hall
◆Excellent (Only One) technology
Astounding machinability
High machinability castings
  Past record of cutting tool service life
  Secrets for cutting performance
Green Bond
Green Bond
Merits in sand development
  Effects (completion of dream-like sand)
ICD's category of products

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Corporate information Environmental flexibility and new futureProduct Information
Introducing plants and facilitiesQuality and technological developments
Recruiting InformationNew future for casting productionExcellent (Only One) technology