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Excellent (Only One) technology
Excellent (Only One) technology
Astounding machinability
Highly-Machinable Castings
Past Record of Cutting Tool Service life
Secrets for Cutting Performance
Green Bond
Green Bond
Merits in Sand Development
Effects (Completion of Dream Sand)
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Secrets for cutting performance
 Raw materials 
Use of carefully selected good quality steel scrap and higher ratio of pig iron for specialized small-sized castings.

Cupola melting and tapping at a high temperature of 1580 to 1600 degrees Celsius bringing high smelting effects and realzing clean molten metal with less impurities and gas content.

Adequate material control and pouring temperature and two-step inoculation suitable for each product.

Effects of Green Bond (GB), a sand additive developed by Matsubara, are as follows:
1. Good sand fillability with low moisture. (approx. 3.2%), realizing better casting surface
2. Alleviating the surface hardening.
3. Porosity-free castings due to controlled gas generation.
 Molding machine 
High-pressure molding realizes:
1. High dimensional accuracy.
2. Burr-free castings.
3. Core-less pattern design technology.
4. Reduced machining amount and unit weight.
Good quality steel scrap
Good quality steel scrap
Two-stepped inoculation
Two-stepped inoculation
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