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Plants and Facilities
Seki Plant
Layout of Seki Plant
Modern Technology
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Ohira Plant
Layout of Ohira Plant
Machining Facilities
Inspection and Shipping Systems

Inspection and Shipping Systems
Integrated inspection, rust-proofing and counting system Inspection line
Integrated inspection, rust-proofing and counting system Inspection line
Environment and Management
In the middle of global competition and internationalization, national labor force and manufacturing power are being shifted to overseas. In the meantime, Japanese technology and quality have been approved in the global market since manufacturing has been the fortress of Japan. It is small and medium enterprises that will create the future as leading economic players.
Integration of first-in and first-out inventory control
and shipping management.
JUST IN TIME Shipping Center
Inventory control High-speed cutout device
Rack building Automatic pallet carrier
Integrated inspection system that includes finishing,
rust-proofing and numeric counting.
Inspection line
Inspection line
Product shape detection device
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