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Quality and technological developments
Quality and technological developments
Super Quality
High technology
Development of Unique Systems

Super Quality
Super quality
X-ray fluorescence instrument
Hardness survey
Three-dimensional measuring instrument
Quality assurance equipment
that supports high accuracy and low cost.
Material inspection
Eletronic microscope … 1 unit
Optical emission spectrometer … 2 unit
Pouring temperature control equipment … 1 unit
CE meter… 1 unit
Amsler universal testing machine … 1 unit
Brinell hardness tester … 2 units
Rockwell hardness tester … 1 unit
Micro-Vickers hardness tester … 1 unit
Young's modulus measurement equipment … 1 unit
Magnetic crack detector … 1 unit
Digital microscope … 1 unit
Cutting resistance measuring equipment … 1 unit

Sand inspection
Universal sand strength machine … 1 unit
Universal sand tester ( Ichiakunosuna ) … 1 unit
Infrared aquameter … 1 unit
Ro-Tap sieving machine … 1 unit
Air permeability tester … 1 unit
Clay washing device … 1 unit
Spectrophotometer … 1 unit
Eirich muller (120kg/batch) … 1 unit

Mold design and dimensional inspection
Three-dimensional CAD (Solid Edge) … 1 unit
Two-dimensional CAD (Jissun Boshi) … 4 units
Three-dimensional measuring instrument … 2 unit
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